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If the proposed expenditure is not within the annual budget of the ministry team,the expenditure request should be communicated to the Chair of the FinanceMinistry for preapproval. 3. In order to
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Today we are going to learn how to make complete and submit a requisition form the first thing we will do is make sure that we have our native internet banner icon on our desktop if you do not have the icon on your desktop then you will need to call the help desk at extension 2 6 6 2 we will click on our icon our native banner will open to this screen for training purposes we are going to enter into the development database when you're making an actual requisition you will enter under the production database also it is important to note that while you will train the development you will not be able to complete a requisition form I will go over the final screen at the end of the tutorial isn't very important you understand how to operate the last screen banner will ask us for our login information this is your Sanford login go ahead and type that in you should note here you will need to actually click on the password field the program will not let you tab down to bring up the requisition form we will type FP ar e q in into the go-to field and press enter type next into the requisition field then click the next block button at the top this is your requisition form as you can see the order date field and transaction date field will DIF will default to the current date since those already filled out for us we will go down to the livery date to enter today's date simply hit D and tab over the delivery date field must be filled out but it will not appear in the purchasing order we will leave the comments field blank unless we're making a standing order if we are making a standing order we will type standing order into the field and tab down the requestor box will default to the user will go to the organization field and enter our organization number if you do not know your organization number click on the arrow to the side of the field to search for it but you must fill this filled out before you can move on once that is done we will tap over to the ship to field and enter our Department ship to code the system will automatically fill in the address contact and attention fields but you will need to make sure that all of the information is correct and that the attention field is complete we cannot move on if the attention field is blank once we're sure that everything is correct we will click the next block button this is the the suggested vendor block we will start with a vendor field if you already know the code of your desired vendor then enter that in here if you need to look it up then we will click the down arrow this will open up a new box we will click entity name slash ID search just a note the search is case-sensitive so a search for capital o FF will bring up a different list and if we search for a lowercase o FF just search we will click the enter query button at the top then click in the last name field and enter as many letters of the name as we can remember along with a % we will then press f8 on our keyboard or we will click on the...